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Essential Habits Wellness Center

Wellness Services 

Massage Therapy

Whether it's a Swedish massage known to de-stress in addition to help with anxiety and depression or a deep tissue session to deal with muscle knots and adhesions, there is a massage for everybody & every body. 

Our licensed massage therapists are certified for multiple modalities utilizing a variety of applications beneficial to each client. Finding fulfillment in helping people feel and move better, we offer time-based payment options, enabling us to create customized programming based on your needs instead of charging based on massage type. Our objective is to provide personalized treatment that enriches your life and ultimately, you’re only one massage away from a good mood so why wait?!


traditional, authentic saunas that deliver an exceptional sauna experience. Whether heated with electric, will get hot, creating a “dry” sauna. Sprinkling water on the hot rocks creates a “wet” sauna due to the substantial moisture that engulfs the room in the form of steam.

Only your doctor can confidently determine how using a sauna may benefit you as an individual, but generally speaking, health studies and the experiences of veteran sauna users tend to support each other by confirming that regular sauna use carries with it a wide range of health benefits. The following are some examples of how an Almost Heaven Sauna could be an important part of a healthier lifestyle.



A sauna doesn’t just help get impurities out; it also helps your body generate some good stuff too. As your core temperature increases, your body is tricked into believing that you have a fever, so it kicks up its production of white blood cells. For people who are on the go all the time, using a sauna is one way to decrease your chances of getting knocked off your feet by cold or flu.

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