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Online Services

Online Group Fitness

Introducing our new Online Memberships!

You can purchase an unlimited streaming subscription and enjoy new classes livestreamed directly to you as well as instantly access previous recorded sessions!

Includes Zumba, ZenFit, & Zumba Toning classes

New Classes Coming Soon..!

Online Membership



Valid for 4 weeks

1-on-1 Training

Online Coaching

Enjoy a free consultation, weekly accountability goals, virtual check-ins minimum of 1x per month for 15 minutes, 3 - 4 days per week of fitness with 30 - 45 minute workouts, as well as a FREE app with personalized profile including: 

  • Videos of the exercises

  • Direct messaging

  • Progress tracking measurement metrics

  • Goal setting; nutrition goals

  • Weekly progress pictures and weight tracking

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