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Essential Habits Wellness Center


Group Fitness Classes

We offer a variety of group classes from Boot Camp circuit training to Step Squad to Zumba. Space is limited so be sure to sign up to secure your spot, today!

Boot Camp

Experience a unique and challenging workout that utilizes all aspects of fitness to create a well-rounded program based on mobility, flexibility, and functional movements. A trainer will move around the room offering encouragement, modifications, and form corrections to ensure clients are getting the most out of the exercises. The goal is to have every individual leave feeling successful about what they accomplished and prepared to prioritize their Essential Habits outside of our facility.​


Get ready to move! Zumba is an hour long exhilarating dance and toning class that's full of energy! With three different instructors, we are able to offer a variety of dance styles to choose from so you'll be sure to use your entire body creating the ultimate workout! Zumba is a workout program featuring dance as you build muscle and work your cardio.  

Step Squad

Come join an upbeat, unique class that combines traditional step with dance and functional fitness! Utilizing high energy music, the trainer will play part of the song and show the main movements to ensure participants know what to expect. We then restart the song and rock it out! There are modified movements incorporated so that all fitness levels can join in! 

Personal & Small Group Training 

Custom Fitness Programs built based on your level of experience, location preference (gym/home/combination), virtual/in-person, and are designed to follow training cycles based on your goals. 

* Pricing is the same for small group training meaning you purchase a session and a friend buys a session, each pays for 1 session but can attend both*

Nutrition Coaching

Custom Nutrition Coaching and accountability that focuses on staying consistent with nourishment compatible to your body and lifestyle. We make a plan based on your food preferences and create a routine that will benefit you the most!

Online Coaching

Enjoy a free consultation, weekly accountability goals, virtual check-ins minimum of 1x per month for 15 minutes,

3 - 4 days per week of fitness with 30 - 45 minute workouts, as well as a FREE app with personalized profile including: 

  • Videos of the exercises

  • Direct messaging

  • Progress tracking measurement metrics

  • Goal setting; nutrition goals

  • Weekly progress pictures and weight tracking

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